How to Add the PAW Network Freeroll Script

October 19, 2007

This tutorial is especially made for those poker affiliates that are promoting programs through the Poker Affiliate World Network. WordPress is a little bit different when it comes to implementing code, but everything basically works the same as a regular text editor. The only real difference is that WordPress will sometimes correct invalid code or code that it just plain doesn’t like.

Anyways, with that being said, I’m going to show you how to integrate the code onto a WordPress post/page. You can also see that I’ve implemented the code onto this page to show you that it does in fact work.

Step 1

Click the “Write” tab in the admin panel of WordPress. WordPress will automatically choose the “post” template. We recommend creating a “page” to add the freeroll script so find the tab that says “Write Page” and click it.

Step 2

After you’ve reached the “Write Page” tab you want to grab the PAW Network freeroll script and insert it. Click the Javascript code tab above the content area (where you write everything that is supposed to go on the page) and insert the code. The PHP codes will not work with a regular page in WordPress unless you do some customization or add a PHP execution plugin.

Step 3

Give your page a slug of something like “freerolls” or “poker-freerolls” so the page shows up at

Step 4

Click the publish button and you’re done. To add the newly created freerolls page to the main navigation click the “Presentation” tab then click the “Theme Editor” tab. Look on the right side and click the text called “Header” to add and remove links from the navigation on your site.

Working freeroll script using Javascript method:


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