How to Use the Single Page 2 Layout

September 7, 2007

Inside any of our Gambling Themes download you will find an index.php file, and an index-2.php file. As of right now, the index.php file is the one that affects the way that your post pages look. These currently will have the same layout as the Gambling Theme demo Single Page, which have 2 columns.

However, there was a request for me to supply a 3-column version of a post page, which has the layout of the Single Page 2 on the demo site. If you are looking to have 3 columns on your post pages, you will want to use the Single Page 2 layout, which is controlled by the index-2.php file.

Basically what you will want to do is take the index.php and rename it to something else, so that you can take the index-2.php file and rename it index.php. (The main reason you want to rename the original index.php file is to avoid saving over it when you rename the index-2.php file to index.php.)

Once you have renamed the index-2.php file to index.php, upload it over the existing one on your server. Now, when you view your post pages, they will have the 3-column layout, as opposed to the 2-page layout.


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